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Conference program
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MONDAY, May 30
09:30 Registration starts

Workshop B
Anna Maria Tammaro
(University of Parma, Italy): Education and training for digitisation: European Minerva Project Panel Discussion

Mabrouka EL HACHANI (ENSSIB, France) and other ASIST Members: ASIS&T-EC Student Chapter


Workshop F
Catherine Bonser
(OCLC PICA): From the cradle to the grave: The digital life cycle

15:00-15:30 Opening

Invited Speaker
Christine L. Borgman
(Depart. of Information Studies, UCLA, US): e-Science, e-Learning, and Digital Libraries

16:30-17:00 Coffee break

Guest of Honour
Robert (Bob) Hayes
(UCLA, US): Analysis of Circulation Data for the UCLA Library: 1997 through 2003


Monica Segbert-Elbertt, Rima Kupryte (eIFL.net, Rome, Italy): Collaborative management of e-resources – the eIFL.net (electronic Information for Libraries) project

Erda Lapp (Bochum University Library, Germany): The development of alternative e-publishing structures and the role of the library

Marija Bjelić, Jasmina Plavac, Dina Popović (HIDRA, Croatia): The Archive of Network Resources – Collection, selection, processing and storage of documents acquired from the official websites of the public authority bodies of the Republic of Croatia

Erik Jan van Kleef (Ovid Technologies, Germany): SEARCHSOLVER - Ovid Federated Search Solution

19:00 Exhibition – Elsevier and Welcome Party

Invited Speaker
Gary Marchionini
, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US: Practice and Theory in Digital Libraries: The Case of Open Video

10:30-11:00 Cofee break
11:00-12:30 Graham Coe, Michaela O'Donovan, Fiona Rigby and Sam Searle (National Library of New Zealand):Collaborative Models for Provision of Digital Library Services: Experiences from the National Library of New Zealand

Sara McNicol (University of Central England, UK): An overview of the eVALUEd toolkit

Vivien Cook (OCLC PICA): OpenWorldCAT and Netlibrary ebooks

13:00 Visit to Research Library

Invited Speaker
Bernard Frischer
, IATH, University of Virginia, US: SAVE (Serving and Archiving Virtual Environments)

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Dennis Nicholson (Centre for Digital Library Research, U of Strathclyde, Scotland): Managing the Virtual Future in a National Park: MoPark, METS and More

Susanna Prepeliczay (Archido, University Bremen, Germany): Experiences from the Elisad Gateway Project: building and maintaining a specialised digital library network in Elisad context

Iannello Robert (K.G. Saur Verlag): Build your own e-Library with Thomson Gale and K,G Saur!

Gabriele Bertioli (CSA, UK): CSA ILLUMINA The Platform that links all your services



Tefko Saracevic (Rutgers U, NJ, US): How were digital libraries evaluated?
10:30-11:00 Coffee break


Mateja Šmid (Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, U of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Darko Majcenović (National and University Library, Ljubljana, Slovenia): User-centeres evaluation Framework of Digital Repositories: Re-use experience

Elaine Peterson (Montana State University, US): User-Centered Evaluation of Two Digital Libraries

Rosemary Aud Franklin (U of Cincinnaty, USA): The Problematic Learning-Object

13:00 Visit to Research Library


Workshop D
Tanja Buzina, Sonja Pigac, Mirna Willer
(National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia) Miroslav Milinović, Nebojša Topolšćak (University Computing Centre – SRCE, Croatia): Towards the hybrid library integrating information library system and digital archive issues in archiving web resources for a National Library and beyond


Workshop E
Emil Levine
(Vienna, Austria): Design and operation of a small special library: Digital resource implications


Posters (with cheese and wine)


transfer to Mljet


Jeffrey Pomerantz (SILS, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, US): The Use of Electronic Resources by Digital Reference Services


An afternoon with Bob Hayes
How did I get here?, a reminiscence, and Where am I going?, a speculation.




FRIDAY, June 3
8:30 ASIST breakfast


Isabelle Rondeau, Lise Verlaet (Montpellier III U, Béziers Cedex, France): The New Digital Documents: Which Perspectives For Digital Libraries?

Richard E. Stern (Seton Hall University, USA): Co-Browsing at the Reference Desk

Damir Boras, Nikola Ljubešić, Nives Mikelić (Dept. of Information sciences, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia): Croatian Old Dictionary Portal (CRODIP)


Cofee Break


Workshop G
David Bawden
(City U, London, UK) and Polona Vilar (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Meet or manage? User expectations of digital libraries.

Poster presentations

The American Corner
Maca Bahlen & Marija Cvetnic Kopljar, Croatia

Digital papers repository - DPR
Ana Bušelić & Kruno Golubić, Croatia

An example of digitization plan for library of Faculty of philosophy in Osijek
Maja Čujić, Lana Jovanovac & Jelena Mihnjak, Croatia

International Children`s Digital Library as an assistance to the children and youth with difficulties in reading and writing
Dunja-Marija Gabriel, Croatia

From the Bibliographic Stream to the Bibliographic Ocean
Kevin S. Hawkins, US

Library without walls
Tamara Krajna, Croatia

Traditional archives & libraries in digital world - diferencies and similiraties
Vlatka Lemić, Croatia

Map library usage survey : a mandate for change?
Nick Millea, UK, & Mira Miletić Drder, Croatia

The Architecture of DAMP - A System for Harvesting and Archiving Web Publications
Miroslav Milinovic & Nebojsa Topolscak,, Croatia

Current participation of academic libraries in academic e-learning programs in Croatia
Dorja Mučnjak Payer & Evgenia Popović, Croatia

“A small window – a great view”
Silva Novljan, Slovenia

Education and training for digital libraries in Hungary, with examples of Berzsenyi College
Mihály Pálvölgyi, Hungary

Ideas on making academic digital library more appealing to students
Blanka Pašagić & Aleksandar Pašagić, Croatia

Electronic sources of geosciences
Irena Pilaš & Alisa Martek, Croatia

European national library web sites: an analysis
Jan Pisanski & Maja Žumer, Slovenia

Digital library services and their impact with reference to a developing country: The case of Faculty of Health Sciences library, Aga Khan University
Syed Attaullah Shah, Shahid Masood Baig, Azra Qureshi, Karachi-Pakistan

Online databases as one output of digital library and their effectiveness in university context: the use of online databases in 2003-2004 master theses
Shvea Sogenbits & Signe Jantson, Estonia

From CROSBI bibliography toward open access digital library
Jadranka Stojanovski, Croatia

Enhancing the academic curricula: content management systems and digital collections functioning together?
Radovan Vrana, Croatia

Open source software for (in) digital library
Boris Bosančić & Boris Badurina, Croatia

British Council and Virtual Resources
Andreja Catinelli, Croatia

European Student Chapter of the American Society for Information Science ASIS&T-EC
Mabrouka EL HACHANI, France

User-centred Evaluation Framework of Digital Repositories: reUSE
Mateja Šmid & Darko Majcenović, SLovenia