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Types of contributions

Invited are the following types of contributions:

  1. Papers: research studies and reports on practices and advances that will be presented at the conference and included in published Proceedings. Papers of up to 4000 words in length should be submitted, following the American Psychological Association (APA) style, followed, among others, by the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) and Information Processing & Management (IP&M). The papers will be refereed. Proceedings will be published in print and on the LIDA web site.
    Proceedings guidelines
  2. Posters: short graphic presentations on research, studies, advances, examples, practices, or preliminary work that will be presented in a special poster session. Awards will be given for Best Poster and Best Student Poster. Proposals for posters should be submitted as a short, one or two- page paper.
    Poster guidelines
  3. Demonstrations: live examples of working projects, services, interfaces, commercial products, or developments-in-progress that will be presented during the conference in specialized facilities or presented in special demonstration sessions. Proposals for demonstration should provide short description and a URL, if available.
  4. Workshops: two to four-hour sessions that will be tutorial and educational in nature. Workshops will be presented before and after the main part of the conference and will require separate fees, to be shared with workshop organizers. Proposals for workshops should include a short description, with indication of level and potential audience.
  5. PhD Forum: short presentations by PhD students, particularly as related to their dissertation, in a session organized by the European Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (EC/ASIST); help and responses by a panel of educators.

Submissions should be sent in electronic format (as an email attachment) to Prof. Tatjana Aparac at taparac@unizd.hr. Inquires can also be addressed to the Co-Chair of the conference Prof. Tefko Saracevic and Program Chairs (Elizabeth D. Liddy, Marija Dalbello). Full contact information is provided below. All submissions will be refereed.


For papers and workshops: 15 January 2009. Acceptance by 10 February 2009.
For demonstrations and posters: 1 February 2009. Acceptance by 15 February 2009.
Final submission for all accepted papers and posters: 15 April 2009

Organization and submission addresses

Invitation to institutions
We are inviting libraries, information agencies, professional organizations, publishers, and service providers to consider participation at LIDA by providing a demonstration, workshop, or exhibit about their products, services or advances, or by presenting a paper or poster about their activities, as related to the two themes. Sponsorship of an event is also invited. Institutions can benefit as well: we will provide course materials to participants so that they can communicate and transfer topics of interest to their institution. Thus, we are organizing LIDA to reach a wider audience.