Virtual Lida Race

Although we were unable to organize a traditional social event treasured by all LIDA participants as one of the highlights of the conference, we invite you to join us in a virtual gathering to celebrate healthy living, reading awareness, and the planning for LIDA 2023 in Osijek. In this activity, we invite LIDA participants to join a traditional dyslexia awareness-raising campaign organized by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Osijek in support of to the National Campaign for Persons with Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia „I Wish to Read Too!“ of the Croatian Library Association (CLA). LIDA 2023 will take place in Osijek, Croatia.
All LIDA participants are invited to take part in this first virtual race. All you have to do is walk, run or ride a bike from Friday through Sunday this week (23 – 25 April 2021). There is no minimum distance, and you can do as many kilometers/miles as you want. After the activity, send us a screenshot of your activity (recorded in any application, such as Sports Tracker (free), Strava etc.) with indication of your name, type of activity, and number of km/ml. You are also encouraged to send us a photo/selfie of your activity. If you happen to pass by a library while walking, running or riding a bike, you can take a photo and send it along.
All screenshots and photos should be emailed to by Monday 26 April 2021. You will be entered in a draw and the winning participant will be awarded free registration for LIDA 2023.
Have fun!

 The winner of virtual event LIDA Walk, Run and Ride is Amy VanScoy  (University at Buffalo, United States) .