Lida 2018 Student Showcase

Award is given to the student work of outstanding quality presented at the LIDA conference. Studies addressing the changing and challenging environment for libraries, information systems and services in the digital world are invited.  
Award is presented to the author(s) of the best paper written by a full time undergraduate or graduate student(s), or recent graduates (within 12 months of graduation) who are presenting their thesis work. Official confirmation of the student's full-time status or the date of graduation from educational institution is required.
The deadline for nominations (in the form of extended abstract) is February 25, 2018. All submissions should follow formal LIDA instructions for Student Showcase proposal available at ( and be made via EasyChair system. All submissions undergo a double blind review. As a part of submission, students should provide a short letter of recommendation from academic advisor. 
Students will be notified of the acceptance of their submission by March 1, 2018. At least one registered author must present their work at the conference.
Award decisions are made onsite at LIDA conference, following the presentation, by an Awards Committee formed among selected members of the Program Committee based on the set criteria (scientifiy originality and quality, relevance of the study, research design, contribution to the field, presentation skills, ability to answer questions, etc.). An award includes a plaque for the author and a honorarium of $500. In case of multiple authorship, a honorarium will be shared. The winner will be announced at the LIDA Closing Session. If no paper meets the criteria above, then no awardneed be given.
Winners will be invited to prepare a full paper, based on their work, for Libellarium: Journal for the research of writing, books and cultural heritage institutions. Full-text manuscript should be sent by June 1, 2018.
All queries regarding LIDA 2018 Outstanding Student Award, letter of reccommendation and official confirmation of the student status, should be sent to Please indicate the following subject in your email: LIDA 2018 STUDENT SHOWCASE.