List of presentations:

  LIDA - opening presentation (.ppt)
Boris Badurina, Martina Dragija Ivanovic, Dunja-Maria Gabriel, Koraljka Golub, Nikolaj Lazic, Robert Ravnic Digital collection for blind and visually impaired people (DLB) (.ppt)
Albert K. Boekhorst The learning library (.ppt)
Malore I. Brown Digital Libraries & Children's Libraries (.ppt)
Rafael Capurro Ethics and Information in the Digital Age (.doc) (.ppt)
Paul Cunnea Managing access to e-journals: the cataloguer`s perspective (.ppt)
Marija Dalbello The Virtual Archive and National Memory: Toward A Comparative Study of the Digital Library Models in North American and European Setting (.ppt)
Thomas J. Froehlich Tensions among Ethical Principles and in their Application in Library and Information Work (.doc)
Thomas J. Froehlich Copyright and Fair Use: Fair Use as a Right? (.doc)
Robert M. Hayes The economics of digital libraries (.ppt)
Sofija Klarin, Sonja Pigac, Damir Pavelic Croatian Electronic Publishing - Results of a survey on e-serials and usage of metadata (.ppt)
Wallace Koehler Digital Divide and Ethics (.doc)
Erda Lapp The Intranet and the Internet in a University Environment - the Legal Framework (.doc)
Igor Ljubi, Gordan Gledec, Maja Matijaševic WWW.HR directory: Adding value by use of metadata (.ppt)
Robert Manger Digital libraries from the perspective of the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology (.ppt)
Michel J. Menou Digital and social equity? Opportunities and threats on the road to empowerment (.doc)
Paul Nieuwenhuysen Online access to information sources and services (.doc)
Predrag Pale Cytizen's need for copyright (.ppt)
Irena Pilas and Zaneta Barsic-Schneider Dostupnost sluzbenih publikacija na Webu (.ppt)
Remigiusz Sapa Academic library Web sites versus commercial Web sites: basics for benchmarking (.doc)
Tefko Saracevic What is a ‘collection’ in digital libraries? (.ppt)
Tefko Saracevic and Marija Dalbello A survey of digital library education (.doc) (.ppt)
Martha M. Smith Selection not censorship (.ppt)
Jadranka Stojanovski Library web sites: a content analysis (.ppt)
Paul Sturges, Ursula Iliffe and James Dearnley Privacy in the digital library environment (.doc)
Tvrtko Ujevic Hybrid library project of the Croatian national bank (.doc)