Yulistiana Prasetya

Yulistiana Prasetya is a student of library science, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia. Yulis was active in organizations, especially in the creative media division, and took part in an internship as a visual designer in 2020. Yulis has participated in scientific writing competitions. In 2018, her team’s article published in the Jurnal Merah Putih, volume 5, ISSN 2339-2460. Yulis has also been a self-freelancer in design and video editing. Yulis has been interested in the scientific world and the digital world since high school by joining the Scientific youth group’s extracurricular activities and being a member of the robotic electronic programming division and serving as treasurer for a year. During her time as a member of the youth scientific group, Yulis participated in several activities, including the 2016 Intel-LIPI Youth Innovation Day.