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The first part of LIDA 2009 will be held in Dubrovnik and for the second part the conference will move to Zadar, about a five-hour bus ride from Dubrovnik on a scenic highway following the Adriatic coast with stops to visit cultural sites. Pre-conference workshops are planned for 24 May 2009 in Dubrovnik and post-conference workshops for 31 May 2009 in Zadar.

Dubrovnik, Croatia is recognized as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites by UNESCO. It is a walled city, preserved as it existed in medieval times. A beautiful natural location on the Adriatic Sea, a lavish architecture of squares, palaces, and churches, small, intriguing hill-hugging streets, pedestrian-only traffic within the walls, outings to the enchanting near-by islands - all these and more combine to make Dubrovnik one of the most popular destinations in Europe. For Croatia see http://www.croatia.hr/ and for Dubrovnik see http://www.dubrovnik-online.com/

Zadar is one of the enchanting cities on the Adriatic coast rich in history. It still preserves a very old network of narrow and charming city streets, as well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD. In addition, Zadar region encompasses many natural beauties, most prominent among them is the Kornati National Park, the most unusual and indented set of small islands in the Mediterranean (89 islands, islets and reefs) located only 15 nautical miles south of Zadar a visit to Kornati is planned as a part of the conference. For Zadar see http://www.zadar.hr/English/Default.aspx and for Kornati see http://www.kornati.hr/eng/introduction.htm

Zadar map