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MONDAY, May 25 - Dubrovnik, IUC

9:00 Registration at IUC

Workshop A
Title: Quantum²: Developing Best Practices : How to Achieve Operational Excellence in Information Services
Presenter: Gabrielle Derriks, Graduate Education Program & Training Consultant, Dialog


Workshop B
Title: Developing Digital Libraries for Scientists
Presenter:  Michael Leach (Harvard U Libraries, MA, USA)

10:30-11:00 Get Together Coffee

Opening of LIDA 2009
Introduction by: Tefko Saracevic and Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić

11:15-12:00 Key Note Speach: Tefko Saracevic (SCIS, Rutgers U, NJ, USA): Changes and Trends in the Broad Arena of Digital Libraries During the Past Decade: Reflections from the Conference – Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) 2000-2009

Session I
Introduction by: Elisabeth Liddy (Syracuse U, NJ, USA): Designing Curriculum to Educate Digital Library Professionals in iSchools
Invited Talk: Kaye Howe (National Science Digital Library, Denver, CO, USA): Through a Glass Darkly: the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the Journey to Educational Vision


Invited Talk: Paul Sturges (Laughborough U, UK): Information Ethics in the Twenty First Century

15:45-16:00 Coffee Break

Reflections: Accepted papers
García Marco Francisco Javier (U of Zaragoza, Spain): Digital Libraries and the New Ecology of Information

Eve Gaus (Elgin Community College Library, Elgin, IL, USA), Marta Deyrup Mestrovic (Seton Hall U, South Orange, NJ, USA), Terry Weech and Alyssa Briggs (U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, USA): 10 Years Later: Has the Blurring of the Roles of Cultural Institutions Helped or Hurt Libraries?

Anna Maria Tammaro (U of Parma, Italy): Considering the Humanities Scholars Perspectives of Digital Libraries: an Italian Case Study


R. Brecht, T. Brix, U. Döring, V. Henkel, H. Krömker and M. Reeßing. (U of Technology Ilmenau, Germany): Digital Mechanism and Gear Library – Multimedia Collection of Text, Pictures and Physical Models (ppt presentation) - Paper

Gregor Vidmar (MFC.2 d.o.o., Slovenia): The Virtual Solution to Providing Access to Digitalized Content

Helle Lauridsen, John Law (Discovery Services-Serials Solutions, Aarhus, Denmark): From Varied Collections to Unified Library Search –Is it Possible?

19:00 Welcome Party at IUC

TUESDAY, May 26 - Dubrovnik, IUC


Invited Speaker: Nicholas Belkin (SCILS, Rutgers U, NJ, USA): Personalizing the Digital Library Experience: Progress and Prospects


Coffee Break


Accepted Papers – Economic issues
Robert M. Hayes (UCLA, CA, USA), Karin Karlics and Christian Schlögl (U of Graz, Austria): The Problem of Measuring e-Resources

Gordana Dukic, Darko Dukic and Sanda Hasenay (U J.J. Strossmayer in Osijek, Croatia): Queuing Simulation Model as a Library Management Support in Terms of Informatization

Rike Brecht, Heidi Krömker and Christian Wagner (Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany): Generic Model Mapping Users’ Goals and Tasks to Typical Digital Library Functions ppt presentation) - Paper

Aris Kemper (Ontoo, informacijske rešitve, d.o.o., Slovenia): OntoLib and Library 2.0


Introduction to Theme II – Marija Dalbello: Heritage as Information Practice: A Survey of Concepts, Projects, and Emerging Constructions of Heritage

15:30-16:00 Cofee Break

Invited Speaker – Marcia Bates: On Heritage and the Information Disciplines


Accepted Papers
Gaëlle Béquet (Ecole nationale des chartes/ASSIC, Paris 3 Sorbonne, France): Digital Library as a Controversy

Zinaida Manzuch (Vilnius U, Vilnius, Lithuania ): Collaborative Networks of Archives, Libraries and Museums in Digitisation Initiatives

Alemka Belan-Simić, Jagoda Ille and Ismena Meić (Zagreb City Libraries, Zagreb, Croatia): Digitized Zagreb Heritage: New Service of the Zagreb City Libraries



Transfer from Dubrovnik to Zadar for all participants registered for both locations

THURSDAY, May 28 - University of Zadar


Registration (Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)


Invited Speaker – Peter Ingwersen (Royal School of LIS, Copenhagen, Denmark): Information Retrieval in Context of Digital Libraries

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Accepted Papers (Rectorat's building)
Isto Huvila (Abo Akademi U. Finland): Steps Towards a Participatory Digital Library and Data Archive for Archaeological Information

Denis Moser (U of Wyoming, WO, USA): The Avatar in the Archives

Bonnie Mak (U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Ill, USA): The Future of the Past: Using the Digital Library


Visits – groups to visit City Library Zadar, Muzej antičkog stakla, Zlato i srebro Zadra

15:30-17:00 Accepted papers (Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)
Ivanka Stricevic (U of Zadar, Croatia): Children’s Digital Libraries: Developments and Trends.

Sonia Marcos Macia (Basque Government Culture Department, Spain): Capturing the Basque Web

Damir Pavelic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Fernanda Peset (Polythecnic University of Valencia, Spain) and Imma Subirats (FAO of the United Nations, Italy):The Successful Promotion of Open Access within the International Community of Library and Information Science: E-LIS

Sanjay Kataria, Jata Shankar Gupta  and Manas Jaiswal (JIIT U, Noida, UP,  India):
Impact of Web 2.0 Technologies in the Enhancement of Usage of Library Resources and Services: An Experiment@ JIIT University, Noida (UP) India

An Afternoon with Guest of Honor – Michael Buckland
(Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)

19:00 Welcome Coctail (Restaurant Citadela)
19:30 Banquet (Restaurant Citadela)

FRIDAY, May 29 - University of Zadar


PhD Forum – sponsored by ASIST (Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

Session I – Preservation (Rectorat's building)
Damir Hasenay and  Maja Krtalic (U J.J. Strossmmayer in Osijek, Croatia)  and Tihonija Zovko (Central Diocesan and Faculty Library in Djakovo, Croatia): Some Perspectives on Use and Preservation of Heritage: An Example

Robert Pym (Charles Sturt U, Wagga Wagga, Australia): Television archiving – managing the move from analogue to digital


Session IIBibliographic Issues (Rectorat's building)
Theme I: Conceptual models for bibliographic and authority data+
Maja Žumer (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Modelling bibliographic data: FRBR & FRBRoo - FRBR: the bright new future?

Mirna Willer (U of Zadar, Croatia): Modelling authority data: FRAD

Maja Žumer (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Modelling subject authority data: FRSAR

Theme II: FRBR as a reference model Gordon Dunsire (CDLR, U of Strathclyde, UK): FRBR, RDA and the Semantic Web
Jan Pisanski and Maja Žumer (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Eliciting mental models of the bibliographic universe using the comparison task

Tanja Merčun and Maja Žumer (U of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Visualizing FRBR


Workshop C (University of Zadar - new campus)
Title: Dublin Core Tools Community workshop: Issues and challenges with the implementation of metadata schemes
Presenters: Thomas Severiens (University of Osnabruck), Seth van Hooland (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Dan Brickley (Netherlands) and Cesare Concordia (Pisa, Italy)


Workshop D (Rectorat's building)
Title: Digital Library Reference Model
Presenter: Vittore Casarosa (Florence, Italy)

17:30-18:00 Closing of LIDA 2009  and Introducing LIDA 2010
(Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)
18:00-20:00 Poster Session - with Cheese and Wine
(Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)

Presentation of the Libellarium – Journal of the History of writing, books, and memory institutions (Main University's building, Obala kralja Petra Krešimira)

Poster Session: (Accepted till February, 15)

  1. Vesna Aleksandrović (National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia): Saving the Serbian Sound Heritage: turning ideas to actions
  2. Tanja Buzina (National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia), Drahomira Gavranović and Mirna Willer (U of Zadar, Croatia): Can a Web Information Object Shake Library Classification Principles and Tools? Findings of a Case Study
  3. Višnja Cej, Kluk Giunio and Tomislav Silić  (Zagreb City Libraries, Zagreb, Croatia): Zagreb City Libraries' Audio Catalogue
  4. Dunja Holcer and Nataša Bujas (Public Library and Reading Room Sisak,Croatia): All-inclusive Digital Archiving: The Next Step
  5. Tamara Krajna (U of Zagreb, Croatia): FAMENA's Library virtual tour
  6. Karmen Krnčević and Antonija Miše (City Library ‘Juraj Šižgorić’ Šibenik, Croatia): Digitalization of old newspapers from native land collection „Sibenicensia“ in City library „Juraj Šižgorić“ Šibenik : suggestion
  7. Marjan Marinković (Belgrade City Library, Belgrade, Serbia): He who has ears to hear, let him hear audio archive
  8. Heike vom Orde (International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television – IZI, Munich, Germany): Digital Libraries and Lifelong Learning: ALADIN - The Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network
  9. Blanka Salatić (U of Osijek, Croatia) and Dajana Golenko (U of Rijeka, Croatia): Joint Venture of the Libraries of Faculties of Law in Osijek and in Rijeka in Discovering Old  Books and Periodicals from the Middle of the 19th till the End of the 20th Century
  10. Vesna Špac (Brodarski institut , Zagreb, Croatia): Changes in the Library World: Digital vs Traditional Library
  11. Anna Tonakiewicz and Grażyna Komorowska (Main Library – Warsaw U of Technology, Poland): The WUT Main Library as an Example of Introducing New Ideas and Types of Accessing Electronic Resources
  12. Gregor Vidmar (MFC.2 d.o.o., Slovenia): An Application for the Digital Capture of Serial Publications
  13. Milko Belevski (Zadar City Library, Zadar, Croatia): Delmata Digitization Project
  14. Bruno Dobrić  (University Library Pula): INO – Istrian Newspapers on-line: Presentation of Historical Istrian Newspapers on the Web: University Library Pula Digitization Project
  15. Cathal Hoare and Humphrey Sorensen (University College Cork, Ireland): Something Old, Something New – The Enhanced Ranked List
  16. Fra Tomislav Ćurić (Monastery of St. Frane, Zadar, Croatia), Marijana Tomić  (U of Zadar, Department of LIS, Croatia), Maja Vukušić (U of Zadar, Department of LIS, Croatia), Zoran Velagić (U of Osijek, Department of Information Sciences, Croatia): How to prepare dusty old ladies for showing up in public: organizing library collection of a Monastery of St. Frane in Zadar
  17. Jadranka Stojanovski (U of Zadar, Department of LIS, Croatia): Croatian open access journal repository HRČAK usage analysis
  18. Mentor Cana (U of Rutgers, SCi, new Brunswick, Nj, USA): Scholars’ interaction with self-archived open access (OA) repositories