The LIDA 2023 conference is planned as a conference with an in-person attendance and as suchis recognizing the importance of taking preventative measures to ensure the safe environmentfor all participants and reduce the possibility of the spread of COVID-19 virus. Therefore LIDA2023 follows the guidelines of the Government of the Republic of Croatia which are availablehere. The information about entering the Republic of Croatia can be found here.Although epidemiological measures or restrictions are no longer enforced in the Republic ofCroatia, it is advised that participants read the following statements:

  • Attendance is not advised if a person (1) is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms72 hours before arrival, (2) has the obligation of isolation or quarantine because of
    exposure to COVID-19, (3) has a positive rapid test, (4) has been diagnosed withCOVID-19 within the last 14 days or (5) has been in close physical contact with a personknown to be COVID-19 positive.
  • It is important to follow health and safety protocols while at the event if they are required by the facility (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences).
  • If participants experience symptoms during the on-site attendance, they are required to promptly test themselves and report a positive test to the designated authority. In thiscase participants are responsible for all costs regarding the testing, prolongedaccommodation, travel arrangements and any other possible expenses. List of testing sites in Croatia and in Osijek can be found here.

This COVID-19 policy may be updated due to the epidemiological situation.

By reading this statement, participants acknowledge the full personal responsibility if theybecome ill (directly or indirectly) as a result of their participation in the LIDA 2023 Conference.