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Part II: Altmetrics - new methods in assessing scholarly communication and libraries:  issues, applications, results.
Program chair: Blaise Cronin, Ph.D. (D.S.Sc., School of Informatics & Computing Indiana University)

Altmetrics have emerged at the start of this decade as a result of constraints of traditional bibliometric  and scientometric methods in assessing scholarly contributions and productivity in the new digital environment.  Altmetrics are used to assess scholarly contributions as reflected in social media, including the blogosphere. Altmetrics studies involve not only quantitative but also qualitative assessments. In the past, libraries and librarians have participated in gathering of bibliometric data for assessing scholarly communication; now they started participating in altmetric analyses as well.  Furthermore, the use of social media by libraries is growing - to get information out and respond to inquiries. The issue of assessing their appropriateness and impact is hardly addressed, as yet.
The goal of Part II of LIDA 2014 is to explore efforts, concepts, and results in use of altmetric methods in assessing two areas: (a) scholarly communication and (b) application of social media in libraries. The general aim is to further and improve altmetrics methods and use of social media in libraries.
Contributions (types described below) are invited covering the following and related topics:

  • methodological developments and practical applications in altmetric assessments of scholarly communication, including caveats;
  • related criteria for altmetrics, such as [articles, concepts, ideas] viewed, downloaded, reused, adapted, shared, bookmarked, commented upon;
  • results from altmetric studies related to scholarly communication and evaluation;
  • methodological  and practical applications in the use of altmetrics in libraries and information systems;
  • effects of social media on libraries and information systems of all kinds;
  • criteria and metrics for assessing library employment of social media;
  • results from studies of use of social media in libraries, particularly involving any kind of assessment; 
  • changes in libraries' use of social media;
  • discussion about general issues: How can and should libraries use social media? How are libraries and information systems to respond to the ever growing importance of social media in society? What are opportunities and challenges?