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Invited Speakers
  • David Bawden (Centre for Information Science City University London) - Chair for Theme I
    'The noblest pleasure'?: on gaining understanding from qualitative research

  • Blaise Cronin (School of Informatics & Computing Indiana University) - Chair for Theme II
    Beethoven vs. Bieber: on the meaningfulness of (alt)metrics

  • Elke Greifeneder (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark)
    Big data does not equal big picture

  • Donald Case (University of Kentucky, US)
    Sixty years of measuring the use of information and its sources: from consultation to application

  • Cassidy R. Sugimoto (Indiana University, US)
    The Metric Menagerie: Tweets, Likes, and Other Social Media Metrics in the Library

  • Paul Wouters (Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Netherlands)
    The metrics acumen: supporting individual researchers in assessment

  • Marija Brajdić Vuković (Centre for Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb)
    Challenges of globalized evaluation practices in the context of semi-peripheral and localized knowledge production

Guest of Honor
  • Garry Marchionini (University of North Carolina, School of Information and Library Science, US)
    Libraries and literacies: from I to we