Libraries and information systems everywhere are increasingly and greatly affected in all of their functions by the rapid evolution of the digital age. While the growing Global Information Infrastructure (GII), and the Internet in particular, greatly enhances access to a variety of information resources, it also provides for many new and complex challenges and problems for libraries and information systems. Not only their processes and services but even their very mission and role is changing. For librarians and information professionals the digital age also brings a need for a constant update of their professional knowledge and competencies.

The general issue is ensuring an effective and efficient flow of information from the generators to users of information in the digital environment. This is a complex communication chain with libraries and information systems playing an important, even critical role. This role brings also a number of new requirements. Due to the complexity of these requirements it is no longer possible for information specialists to act without being continuously abreast of new methods and techniques and without being informed regularly about new trends and approaches.

The aim of the course is to address the changing and challenging environment for libraries and information systems and services in the digital age, with an emphasis on examining contemporary problems, advances and solutions. The course is oriented toward professionals and researchers in librarianship, information science, and informatics, as well as from other disciplines interested in this topic.

The course will bring together well-known experts from around the world for lectures, discussions, and demonstrations. Among others, the topics covered will include concepts, methods, techniques, and research advances related to a variety of aspects of digital libraries; selection, organization and representation of digital resources; information networks; networked cooperation; services; access, users, and use; and the role and use of the Internet.

The participants are encouraged to bring their own problems, situations, and solution to involve in discussions.