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LIDA 2012 – Program

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MONDAY, June 18 - Location: Aula Magna, University

from 8:30 Registration

Workshop A
Gordon Dunsire, Francoise Leresche and Mirna Willer.
Library Models and Standards, and Their Availability in the Semantic Web


Workshop B
Petra Pejsova   
Grey literature from hidden to visible

10:30-11:00 Get Together Coffee

Opening of LIDA 2012
Introduction by: Tefko Saracevic and Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić


Part I: CHANGES in the world of library services: Evolution and innovation
Program chair: Marie L. Radford, Ph.D. (School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University)
Invited Speaker:
Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D. (Senior Research Scientist, OCLC Research)
"I always stick with the first thing that comes up on Google": Motivating Student Engagement with the Digital Information Service Environment"


Parellel Session 1 (Aula Magna) – Theme: Web based courses
Jette Hyldegaard and Haakon Lund
Information literacy web tutorials – new insights and challenges
Judy Xiao      
Collaborating for Student Success: A Model for Librarian Embedding in Faculty Blackboard Courses
Camilla Moring and Trine Schreiber         
Evaluating the role of web-based tutorials in educational practice: using interpretative repertoires and meaning negotiation in a two step analysis

Parellel Session 2 (Rectorat’s Building)– Theme: Academic and Research Library Services
Christy Zlatos and Kay Vyhnanek  
Tracking Transformations in Academic and Research Library Services
Jadranka Stojanovski    
Analysis of academic library web sites for services
Agnes Mainka and Sviatlana Khveshchanka  
Libraries as Knowledge Hubs in Informational World Cities

17:00-17:30 Coffee Break

Demonstrations and Short Papers  (Aula Magna)
Zeljko Rajter and Leonardo Jelenkovic   
"Vero", the Bridge towards the Next Generation of Union Catalog of Croatian libraries.
János Pancza
Cultware Network in service of the collections in Middle-East-Europe
Jasna Jaksic          
Digitizing ideas: archives of conceptual and neo-avangarde art
Max Kaiser, Jeanna Nikolov-Ramirez and Georg Petz      
ADOCO: Facilitating Quality Control in Mass Digitisation


Welcome Party at the University

TUESDAY, June 19 - Location: Aula Magna, University


Invited Speaker:
Eileen G. Abels, Ph.D.(Associate Dean and Professor, iSchool at Drexel)
"Change:  Opportunity or Threat for Reference Services in the Digital Age"


Coffee Break


Theme:  E-resources: Changing libraries, Models and Impact (Aula Magna)
Gary Radford, Marie Radford and Jessica Lingel. 
Alternative Libraries as Heterotopias: Challenging Conventional Constructs of Library Service
Tian Xiao Zhang   
Pay-Per-View, a Promising Model of E-articles Subscription For Middle/Small Sized Academic Libraries in Digital Age
Robert Pymm, Sarah Steed and Matthew Burless
E-books, e-audio and public libraries: Is it lift off or steady as she goes?

13:00-14:00 Visits (Researh Library, City Library, Museum of Ancient Glass with a special exhibition....)

Parellel Session 3 (Rectorat’s Building) – Theme: Students, School and Children Libraries in the New Age
Sanjica Faletar Tanacković, Darko Lacović and Snježana Stanarević  
LIS students seeking information for their final papers: small-scale study at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek
Ross Todd   
Libraries in the digital age: Conceptions of the Next Gen School Libraries
Ivana Martinović and Ivanka Stričević   
Reference Services and Library Collections for the Youngest: What Can Be Learned from the Linguistic Theories and Research

Parellel Session 4 (Aula Magna) – Theme: Analyzing and evaluating library services
Alan Rubel
A Framework for Analyzing Electronic Resources, Privacy, and Intellectual Freedom
Roswitha Poll 
Changes in library standards : Statistics and evaluation as mirror of library innovations
Ann-Louise de Boer, Theo Bothma and Ujala Satgoor      
Library leadership: Innovative options for building leadership competence in the digital age

16:30-17:00 Cofee Break

Panel Can Research help Education in Digital Libraries? (Rectorat’s Building)
Anna Maria Tammaro, Vittore Casarosa, Christine Borgman, Lynn Silipnigni Connaway, Donatella Castelli and Marie Radford  


Free Evening

WEDNESDAY, June 20 - Location: Aula Magna, University


Theme: Information Seaking Behaviour
Colleen Cool and Kwong-Bor Ng 
Identifying Behaviors Associated With Frustration While Searching Digital Libraries in Order to Design Better Help Systems.
Polona Vilar, Tomaž Bartol, Jan Pisanski and Primož Južnič 
Are librarians familiar with information seeking behaviour of teachers and researchers in their respective institutions?

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Panel: Creating digital content for library services: A global view on LIS curriculum design
Panellists: Ron Brown, Hsin-Liang Chen, Ana Dubnjakovic, Samantha Hastings, Makiko Miwa and Yin-Leng Theng   

13:00-14:00 Visits (Researh Library, City Library, Museum of Ancient Glass with a special exhibition....)

Part II: CHANGES in the world of electronic resources: Information and digitization
Program chair: Christine L. Borgman, Ph.D. (Department of Information Studies, UCLA)


Invited speaker:
Alyssa Goodman, Ph.D.(Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University)
"Seamless Astronomy"


Coffee Break


Parallel Session 5. (Aula Magna)
Cathal Hoare and Humphrey Sorensen.
On Automatically Geotagging Archived Images
Natalia Ermolaev and Toma Tasovac.
Building a Lexicographic Infrastructure for Serbian Digital Libraries
Boris Bosančić and Mirna Willer
Towards the Digital Library for Scientific Research Data

Parallel Session 6 (Rectorat’s building)
Gordon Dunsire, Françoise Leresche and Mirna Willer.
Semantic interoperability of library linked data: ISBD and RDA
Kristin Eschenfelder.
Open Content, Open Metadata: The Challenges of Openness for Cultural Heritage Institutions
Rachel Mandell 
A New Tool for Discovering Data: Creating the UCLA Data Registry


Poster Session (with Cheese and Wine)

THURSDAY, June 21 - Location: Aula Magna, University


Invited Speaker:
Herbert Van de Sompel, Ph.D. (Lead of the Digital Library Research and Prototyping Team, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
"The Web-Based Scholarly Record: Identification, Persistence, Actionability"

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

Theme: Data, Documents, Collections: Conceptual Frameworks
Lars Björk.
Documents in transit
Sheila Corrall and Angharad Roberts.
Information Resource Development and “Collection” in the Digital Age: Conceptual Frameworks and New Definitions for the Network World
Luiza Baptista Melo   
The impact of electronic information resources in Portuguese academic libraries


Theme: Challenges of Digitization and Scholarship in the Digital Age
Mats Dahlstrom
Learning by Digitizing
Isto Huvila
Digitisation of Information Resources and Changes in the Worlds of Librarians, Archivists and Museum Professionals
Jela Steinerova.
Information ecology - emerging framework for digital scholarship

16:00-16:15 Short Break

Key note Speaker:
Liz Lyon, Ph.D. (Director, UKOLN, University of Bath)
"Incremental Change or Revolution? Libraries and the Informatics Transform"


Closing panel on Theme II: Liz Lyon, Alyssa Goodman, Herbert van de Sompel and Christine Borgman

20:00 Welcome Coctail
20:30 Banquet

FRIDAY, June 22 - Location: Aula Magna, University


PhD Forumsponsored by ASIST
Angharad Roberts (Information School, U of Sheffield, UK)
Conceptualising the Library Collection for the Digital World: a Case Study of Social Enterprise
Jurate Kupriene (Vilnius U, Lithuania)
Application of information organizational principles in an electronic environment: a model for digital library
Kristina Feldvari (U of Osijek, Croatia)
Model of LIS Thesaurus Construction


Opening of official celebration of the 75th Anniversary of ASIST – organized by its European Chapter
Guest of Honour: Diane Sonnenwald, ASIST President


Panel: ASIST in Europe. Past and Future of ASIST
Panelists: Nicholas Belkin, David Bawden, Isto Huvila, Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Tefko Saracevic and Christian Schloegl


Papers: Information Science in Europe
Christian Schloegl (University of Graz, Austria)
Information Science in Europe: A Scientometric Analysis
Lyn Robinson and David Bawden (Center for Information Science, City U London, UK)
So wide and varied: the British origins of information science
Elena Corradini (U of Parma, Italy)
Evolution of IS in Italy


Short Break


Papers: Information Science in Europe
Franjo Pehar and Tatjana Aparac-Jelušić 
History and origin of information scienceS in Croatia: with an special emphasis on growth of regional and international activities
Isto Huvila, Preben Hansen, Jeppe Nicolaisen and Nils Pharo (Uppsala University, Sweden and Åbo Akademi University, Finland; Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden; Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark and Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences)
Library and Information Science in the Nordic countries: from the present to the future


Closing of LIDA and ASIST celebration

Poster Session:

  1. Ciric Josip and Domagoj Volarevic
    Belief in a Just World and On-line Piracy: Gigapedia Case
  2. Corrall Sheila, Mary Anne Kennan and Waseem Afzal
    Changes in Academic Libraries: Evolution and Innovation in Research Support Services
  3. Duić Mirko
    Archiving the Web Editions of Croatian National Newspapers – Readers' Comments
  4. Ferko Martina, Biljana Đaković and Tomislav Jakopec (U of Osijek, Croatia)
    In Touch with the New Digital Environment: Creating Mobile Applications for the Association of Deaf-blind People 'Dodir'
  5. Golenko Dejana and Evgenia Arh
    Can be Library Instruction Entertainment?
  6. Krajna Tamara and Jelka Petrak
    Aleph Implementation Project at the Libraries of the University of Zagreb
  7. Liu Yuxi, Adrian O'Riordan, Cathal Hoare and David Murphy
    A Mobile Asset Sharing System for a Digital Heritage Site
  8. Papić Anita, Ivana Čadovska and Tihomir Vranješ
    Changes in the World of Library Services: Evolution of E-services into M-services
  9. Pejsova Petra
    A Linked-data Vocabulary of Grey Literature Document Types: Version 1.0
  10. Perožić Predrag
    Bibliographic Data on the Web of Data or from UNIMARC Record to RDF Graph
  11. Pötsönen Ulla
    Measuring Children and Youth Participation and Inclusion – Ladders of Participation in Library
  12. Rudomino Inge and Karolina Holub
    Croatian Web Archive : Thematic Harvesting on Election for Parliament & Referendum on European Union Membership
  13. Stojanovski Jadranka and Bojan Macan
    Bibliometric Services as a Research Support Services in Academic and Research Libraries
  14. Tanfara Ivana and Drahomira Gavranović
    S ubject Indexing of Papers from LIDA Conference Proceedings Using ASIS&T Thesaurus
  15. Tokić Ksenija
    Users' Attitudes Towards Electronic Data Sources in the Library of the Institute for Tourism