Invited Speakers and Guest of Honor

Theme I

Sanda Erdelez and Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Uof Missouri, Columbia, MO, US
Usability of digital libraries

Barbara Wildemuth, U of NC, Chapell Hill, US
Bringing digital libraries into view on an individual’s information horizon

Karen Fisher, U of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Seattle Public Library as “Place”: Community Building and Impact

Tefko Saracevic and Ying Zhang , Rutgers U, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Criteria in evaluation of use and usability in digital libraries


Theme II

Paul Kantor
, Rutgers U, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Two Views of Library Economics

Don King, University of North Caroline at Chapell Hill, NC, US
The Cost & Use of Electronic & Print Journal Collections

Robert M. Hayes, UCLA, CA, US
Libraries in the Information Economy of Croatia

Roswitha Poll, University Library, Muenster, Germany
New Measures for New Services: Indicators for Quality, Cost, and Impact of Electronic Library Services



Guest of Honor:

Christine Borgman, UCLA, US


Postconference Invited Talk:

Gustav W. Friedrich, SCILS, Rutgers U, NJ, US
The i-school caucus